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Change's here! And it made me - that is to say, the account with the name of naye - lose all my friends. Which is sad. I like my friends.

I've set about re-friending people, but I don't know how noticeable it'll be, as anyone on my flist will naturally have been friended by a naye already. ^^;; But now you know, anyway? (And as I'm doing it all manually, I might miss someone. Just give me a yell if you feel you've been left unfairly un-friended.)
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Time for a change

I'm a lousy LJer. At least with this account. It all comes from having started blogging on two separate locations - one was LJ, the other was a Swedish site. Then I moved from the other site here, but kept posting in Swedish, and it didn't cross my mind to just switch languages combine the two accounts. I was still doing kind of okay with keeping up until Japan happened, and I went six months with no reliable internet connection. I could hardly get on-line for long enough to mail family and friends, and LJ suffered even more neglect. I never did get back on track with my LJing, not even after we got internet, not even after I got back to Sweden.

And that sucks. I like LJ. Every single person on my f'list is there because I felt they were interesting; because I liked reading their entries; because we had something in common. But if I'm not even around to read stuff, much less comment or post anything remotely interesting of my own, all of that is wasted. All those missed opportunities, the fun posts that I glimpse and then forget about until two weeks later, the fascinating discussions, all of it, it's driving me nuts!

Which is why I'm changing it. I'm not quitting LJ - I'm starting over. I'm going to switch my accounts around, so this poor neglected thing becomes an archive, and my much livlier Swedish accounts becomes my main account. I'm going to keep the username of naye, and I'll be moving my old posts to the new joint LJ over time. Of course, I'll be writing in English - that's one of the big limitations for me right now, that so much of what I have the energy to communicate and get involved with can only reach people who speak Swedish. A rather tiny selection, all things considered! I did have some kind of point way back when I started keeping separate language blogs in separate places, but now it just feels stupid.

All of this to say - things are going to look different here soon. The username will be the same, but it'll be filled with a lot of old Swedish posts, and anything from here will end up under the username of ex_naye. I might even have to re-friend people, depending on how the technical aspects of the switch work out, but I'll see about that when it happens.

It's finally time for a change - time to poke some life into this zombie account!
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One Piece manga revelations

Odacchi~~!! Genius! The awesome amazing the PLOT the metaplot, it's moving and changing and then there's all of the rest and waaaaaaaaaaaah why is he so brilliant?!?

erhune, if you're reading this, this is your cue to get your butt in gear and CATCH UP WITH THE MANGA. Because it's kind of. Um. Exploded in a whole new dimension. Again. ^___^

I'm late, I know. But I only just got caught up now, and I don't have anywhere else to squee, and this DEMANDS squee. And analysis, but that'll have to wait until I'm back from work!

A quick, non-spoilery thought - is it just me, or is this time of year kind of like sweeps? Except that this is Shounen Jump, and there's no sweeps season because every issue has the voting cards, but... This time of year, a couple of months before Jump Festa... That seems to be when the plot picks up pace and throws the audience a few of those bones we've been waiting for for so long. At least that's what it feels like after last year and this year. I have no clue at all about the years before that (2004 summer was big on the emotional stuff), and it could be completely random. But. Is it possible?

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Winter has come

Stockholm, November 1:

November snow November first

Yeah. Snowstorm. In November. I'd forgotten how much I never really cared for November in this country... This being the first day of winter, there were huge traffic problems too. Public transport was a mess - busses couldn't get anywhere because of the bad roads, and the trains and subways still have half their cars in for repair after leaves on the track messed up their wheels. Private transport was almost worse, because the roads where in complete chaos. Out in the country, trains further than about an hour and a half north of here stood completely still all night.

It's completely surreal. First the "leaves got on the track" which apparently wrecks the wheels of every other train. Happens every fall, without fail. And then winter happens, and this is reported for days in advance - "big storm coming in, we'll get lots of snow" - and responsable parties everywhere react as if they've never heard the word "winter" before. What, SNOW? Here? Now?! ...sigh. It's the same thing every damn time. I'd laugh if I wasn't so grumpy about it.

I would've posted this sooner too, but apparently winter now means I get our lovely winter vomiting disease. Kind of like a 3-day stomach flu, which is flying around here for November - April, hence the name. If you haven't got it where you are - good for you! You don't want it. It's nasty and disgusting and all around a bad idea... though the hallucinations where kind of interesting. (I suddenly saw connections to everything I had never seen before, I was one with the world, and somehow this involved very complicated cubes. Don't ask, I have no idea.)

I was sick, then I got vargen sick, and now we're both much better, but still kind of wrung out and pathetic, and so sitting around on the couch watching MASH all day. Not a bad way to spend a November day, actually...

We also watched Supernatural, somewhat later than usual.
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ETA: Ooh, more Supernatural - today's the day Swedish TV 1 starts airing the series! Couple of random observations from re-re-watching the first ep. Collapse )
odoru - Muroi & Aoshima

Out of Odoru

Today I finished watching all of Odoru Daisousasen for the second time. The eleven episodes, two specials, and two movies. We saw the second special and the two movies in one sitting, which was all kinds of awesome. ♥

But now it's over. Again. And it's one of those series I just hate that it has to finish. My crazy doujinshi-shopping for it in the last few weeks I was in Japan proves it, and if I were in Japan right now, I'd go out and double my collection on the spot. No fair, ending things that good! (Fortunately, my doujinshi are very, very good, and will keep me amused for quite some time...)

Now I want to see the two spin-offs. The Muroi-movie and the Mashita-movie. It'll break my heart that Aoshima isn't in them, but I want more. Of what Odoru is. And if I can't have the real deal (because Odoru is Aoshima and Muroi and Sumire and Mashita and all the others, and having just one of them with a new team isn't the same thing), something connected to the real deal will have to do! I'm just afraid I'm going to be terribly disappointed.

That's the reason I don't know if I would want an Odoru Movie 3. It would be fantastic to see the cast together again, but at the same time - after Movie 2, there's no real need for a sequel. In Movie 2 they tie up the loose ends, they find closure. The best kind of closure, not with "happily ever after", but with things changing and developing, in the directions the characters have worked for so hard all these years. Movie 2 makes me ridiculously happy. ♥

At the same time - the thought of seeing something more, with that cast... something new. Well. I can't deny it does have an immense appeal, and sends a little shiver of excitment down my spine as I imagine it! Though I think a really good doujinshi could do that to. Has, actually, on several occasions. So I just have to be strong, and resist the temptation that is on-line doujinshi stores... ^^;; That way Odoru can still have the perfect conclusion, at the same time as the characters live on in my mind, and that of all the other creative fans.
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Supernatural 2.05 director's cut

Oh. OH! This is my first time watching one of these - a short clip from the upcoming Supernatural episode. But I finally managed to find where they were on the CW page, and I was curious, and... um. Oh. This had me laughing out loud at the same time as my brain was informing me that oh, this can't be good.

But. So funny!

Director's cut -> Supernatural.

Oh, Dean. ♥
one piece - wtf?!

One Piece 431

What X-parrot said, that and a whole bunch of OMGSHJKHGSKLHL SQUEEE WTF WHAT ODACCHI WHAT?

...I might write something more of my own, coherent, but for now I'm just squeeing like mad in xparrot's comments. (Damn. Miss Kyoto, and being able to sit down and discuss One Piece metaplot for two hours at a Mos Burger with another fangirl...)

Um. Yeah. Wow. Again. Odacchi. ♥

Links to colorspread and chapter download and translation and stuff.

PS - Oh, Zoro.


First two things I think various people would be interested in reading:

An interview with Eric Kripke, creator of Supernatural. Fun, fun reading! Vaguely spoilery in the way that he does answer reader questions, but only by answering "yes" or "no" or "we'd like to see that". Want more Supernatural now! Not tomorrow, now.

And, from fanthropology: creating reality. Quoting from windtear's original post:

(For those who don't/can't follow the link: A live-action RPG was hosted in the 1990s in an area near a wedding. Two mildly inebriated wedding guests stumbled into the LARP area. As the LARP scenario was basically 'people from Earth stumble into a magical world' all the players they encountered thought they were other players, and the guests thought they'd fallen into the twilight zone. The post is written by one player who encountered them, realized that they really weren't players, and tried to show them the way to leave without breaking character.)

The point of the post is that it only took two hours to convince two sane and reasonable people that the nature of reality had completely changed, simply by surrounding them with people who denied the possibility that it was not as they believed.

Read it. It's way cool stuff.

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