February 15th, 2005

mushishi - mushi

Some random fannish thoughts

A few days ago, right before we sat down for yet another episode of Lost, my vargen exclaimed that he was now following four series at once. I blinked, and stared at him until I realized that normal people might not do that. At least not follow as in "watch every single episode as soon as it becomes available".

I like getting him hooked on some of the stuff I'm watching, though I tend to stick to the things you don't really have to be a fangirl to enjoy. (He once offered half-heartedly to watch my then-new Saiyuki DVDs with me, but I took pity on him. Maybe if he wanted to read the manga...)

So now we're watching Lost together, after I saw the first episode air on Swedish TV and decided that I needed more, and now. I had managed to forget how very, very frustrating it can be to follow an American TV show that's still under production. (Though it's not as bad as back in the days when I could only get the show through Swedish TV, months - sometimes years - after it had originally aired. Which wasn't that long ago, really. Hm.) We zipped through the fourteen eps of Lost that are out in less than a week, and I've been waiting for the next ep with bated breath now. I think we both have, but I'm the one who decided to have dreams about it. ^^;; (Fortunately they were not half as creepy as the show itself!)

We also started watching One Piece, because I really, really wanted to see the whole thing from the beginning again. It's been a year since I got hooked now, and it's the weirdest thing, watching it like this. Good, but weird. We just finished the Baratie Arc (aww~), and I'm so excited to be starting on Arlong Park again! And with someone who's never seen it before too!

Speaking of liking to get people hooked I also managed to get the whole gaming group (of five, including me) started on Bleach, and after our last meeting there was a unanimous call for more Bleach. Yay! I love watching stuff with my group. We had a Farscape marathon this summer, and last year we watched all of GetBackers, and had a blast. It's a different feeling from just watching something alone. (Though I make sure to see any show I actually fan on on my own first. And I've already seen/read all the Bleach there is.)

And then there's the stuff just I watch. Samurai Champloo rocks my world. I love that show. It's on so, SO much crack, and I love it. There are no words for how much I love it. ^___^

Naruto... I'm up to episode 51 now, and I'm depressed for all the wrong reasons. ^^;; Collapse )