February 18th, 2005

mushishi - mushi


Eddie Izzard is coming to Stockholm in a month! Whooo! The ticket price is outrageously high, but... it's Eddie Izzard. Live. In my home town. Of course it's worth it! Now, to get tickets as soon as they're released, so we get the good seats... I'll be keeping my fingers crossed on Monday. (Since I'll be on a bus on the way to school, there's not much else I can do.)

Wow. I haven't been to a live show of anything since 2003, when I was lucky enough to see both Blind Guardian and Nightwish. This is gonna be great! ^______^

I got new icons to celebrate, too! Fantastic icons by lothlorienbaby... and there were so many more to choose from. Now I really miss that extra icon space I had. Ah, well.

Also - why did no one tell me Hirata Hiroaki was in Naruto? ^____^ It's one of the fastest ways to get me watching anything at all. Just ask xparrot how she got me to check out One Piece. ^^; Meheheh. I was far more excited about finding out than such a discovery warrants, but when his character said his first line I had to pause for a moment of "Was that...? It had to be, right? But...?", rewind, and then squee. 'cause... yeah. Hirata Hiroaki. Mmmm, Naruto really does have a lot of seiyuu goodness going for it.
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