February 22nd, 2005

going merry - dreamship


Umm. Too much Naruto has led to a strange, strange craving for fic. (And the snickering voices in my head can just shut up. Grr! Why is this so funny?!)

This is not a good thing - is there no gen Naruto fic? Or at least stuff that doesn't refer to Iruka as "dolphin"? Yes, his name is a gag. Yes, you got it. That's very clever of you. Now, could you go back to using his name, please? (Am I missing something in the manga here? Do other characters really take note of the meaning of his name, or is that just fanon?) Ahh, it's not easy, trying to plunge into a well-developed fandom like this. All the fanon everywhere makes me feel... illiterate, or something. Weird. I usually wade in much more carefully, which gives me time to adjust.

Anyway. If anyone knows of a fic with a cool plot, good language and solid characterization that doesn't center around some kind of romance, I want to read it. ...please? ^^; Fleeting Fancies has some good recs that I'm checking out, but... ahh. I've been spoiled by the other fandoms I've been in recently, I think.
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