March 2nd, 2005

mushishi - mushi

Slightly more coherent information

So I'm still not over the shock, but here's the deal:

Since September, when I first started my LIS program at Uppsala University, I've been hoping (and working for in every way possible) to get a place in the general exchange program with Japan. In particular, I've really, really been wanting to go to Kyoto.

Last month I turned in my application and was called to an interview, where I found out that everyone who applied to go to Japan also wanted to go to Kyoto. So there was quite some competition for the two available places, and I'd chosen no second alternative. For various reasons, if I couldn't go to Kyoto, I'd rather not go at all. They said they'd be in touch "at the end of next week", which was last week. So when I got the papers today I'd all but given up hope...

Anyway, now it's as official as it gets until I actually get the letter of acceptance from KyoDai - I'm going to Kyoto for an exchange year in the KUINEP (Kyoto University International Education Program) program from October 2005 to September 2006. A whole year. In Japan. It's fantastic, and scary, and wonderful, and just - the biggest dream I've ever dared to dream, and it has come true.


Now I need sleep. And time to fill in the official application, which is a wonderful exercise in Japanese bureaucracy that will take many hours to get done, and I've got until Wednesday next week to do it in. Whee, stress! ^_^ Happy, happy stress!
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