March 6th, 2005

mushishi - mushi

Making my head spin

Well, there's a lot going on that's making my head spin at the moment, so I'll stick with one. The OP fillers.

The preview for next episode. I have comments:
Now? How? Why?

...seriously, if next ep doesn't have Aokiji in it, I'm going to cry. ^^;
mushishi - mushi

Lost 18

Really, really brief Lost love here. Just saying - this show rocks. That was an awesome ep, and it's driving me nuts in that best possible of ways. What is going on, and how, and why...? Ahh. It's been too long since I saw an American show with an arc (and what an arc!) and foreshadowing and all that goodness. Yum.

The "no new episodes until April 13th" kind of sucks, though.