March 31st, 2005

mushishi - mushi


My fandoms! Shows I watch! All the cliffhangers! Evil, evil cliffhangers, and RL getting in the way of my fanning! I feel like I need a couple of extra hours a day to spend on fanning, because I need it. Just watching/reading something isn't as much fun as watching/reading and then going squee and babbling with a bunch of other people, some of who might also be going squee. (Except in some cases, but the "some things are special" is a post for later.)

One Piece. So good. So desperately good and emotion-packed and I need to sit down and re-read this arc and really get into it, because so much has happened since it started. Every new chapter delivers so much to be analyzed and poked and yet it always ends with gimme more, because it's just that good.

And then I watched Lost 19 and OMGWTFBBQ! I love this show so much! The weird prophetic dreams and unexplained stuff going on, and the mysteries... it's probably due to xparrot's recent Twin Peaks babble, but it's really the vibes I'm getting here. Some episodes more than other, but the cool and bizarre bits? Definitely. And this episode? Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

Lost also does evil cliffhangers. I mean, really evil. If it wasn't so late the last one would have had me screaming out loud, 'cause... WAH!

Yes. Watching Lost and reading One Piece obviously induces incoherence...

Meep. I miss fandom. I still ♥ my OP fandom, it's the best EVAH! So there.
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