April 1st, 2005

mushishi - mushi


While the recent hubbub over Friendittoo left me amused on the sidelines, wondering why people were suddenly paranoid about something that Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V could do just as well before, Bebo.com actually worries me.

Bebo is a service that claims to help friends keep in touch, free of any charge. Which sounds good, of course. I first heard of it when I got a mail from a friend (pretty obviously a form letter) telling me she was updating her address book. To help, I was offered an link, which led to a screen like this.

It all looks very nice and good and ad free and everything... which makes me paranoid. I've been on the 'net for nearly nine years now, and come to the conclusion that what I don't know I can trust is out to get me. To spam me, to steal my credit card number, to infect my computer with pop-ups and viruses. And everything that looks too good to be true? Is. Even moreso on the web, where it can be useful to doubt everything that seems to be good or true.

Anyway, I did some searching, and quickly turned up a couple of interesting pieces on Bebo.com. Like this, and this and this too. What they're writing sums up my resons to avoid Bebo. Their Terms of Service are shady, they pretty much state outright they sell information about their members, they try and make you give them your passwords (!), and they have no ads. So how do they make money? Hmmmm?

So I would like to ask anyone inclined to invite me to join - please don't.

Now I'll go back to spending the day doubting everything I read. Stupid April Fool's. :P
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