April 10th, 2005

mushishi - mushi


Books. Reading.

It's a wonderful feeling to return to old favourites. To put memories aside and try to experience everything as if it was new and unexpected, but to know that I will love every word my eyes come across at each turned page. To know I always feel such intense emotion when reading those chapters ahead, and that the world will always be there for me to explore and rediscover.

The only thing that might top that feeling, for me, is to first read through a story I know, and have been following for years, and then have in my hands the book that will let me set off into new territories. A sequel. A continuation of a beloved series of books read and re-read, with characters I'm deeply invested in, but where I really don't know what will happen. Because even though I try my hardest to forget, some memories always linger, no matter how long since I've read something, or how many other things I've been filling my brain with since.

I always know where I will cry, when I read these books I'm reading now. And I always remember those shining, beautiful, too-rare moments of deepest friendship, unconditional love and comfort.

I think, if I had to chose, I would name Janny Wurts my favourite author. Because she's an amazing talent, creator of a world and magic and characters so deep and solid and rich in detail that they might as well be real. At least when I'm in the middle of reading The Wars of Light and Shadow, I can't deny how deeply her books touch me, how much I love her characters, and how the beauty of her words and her world captivate me.

I don't really know what else to write, except thank you, neechan, for getting me the next book! If you hadn't, I would probably still be putting off my reading of the series, and that would really be missing something. It really is too late to start reading it now, but... how can I resist?