May 14th, 2005

mushishi - mushi


I hate this kind of lull between fandoms.

Or if it's just a general low affecting anything creative... This spring my university life has been full of all the kind of wrong stress and negative feelings, and the first thing that goes when i'm feeling stressed and negative is my creativity. And I don't know if I get less interested in my fandoms when I'm feeling uncreative, or whether the interest in fandoms wane with the rising stress, and that lack leads to the lack of creativity. All that I know is that I miss my fandoms. A lot. And I miss writing here, and communicating with people on LJ, and I'm really sorry I've been gone, even though I don't think anyone has had the time to mind.

The most fannish thing I do right now is to watch Bleach once a week with my gaming group, which is fun, but I've already read those chapters of the manga that are animated now, and watching with the guys isn't "fanning".

At least I'm gaming. That's always something, I guess.

I've got a character I love playing, and the group is awesome, as always. vargen is running a great Shadowrun campaign, and shayera plays my character's twin... lots of good gaming there.♥

And for some reason, low on creativity as I am with everything else, I still manage to create a new character. (Or maybe he created himself. He really was very insistent on getting all written down on paper so I wouldn't forget him, and he wouldn't let me sleep until 3 AM last night.) If he keeps being this pushy he might as well tell me his whole backstory, so I can write him as something more than stats! Sheesh. These characters who show up unexpected and unasked for... they're usually the ones that are the most fun to play. So while sleep would've been nice, I'm not that annoyed. (But if this post seems weird and random and written in really bad English, I blame it all on him!)
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