May 19th, 2005

mushishi - mushi


luxetumbra posted a link to the torrent for the new Final Fantasy: Advent Children trailer. And it is gorgeous. Of course it is. And it almost feels as if I've seen the whole movie by now, but after waiting so long, I don't really mind being fed it piecemeal, as long as I get to see it! The pretty, the fighting, the music... Waah! *_*

And best of all - now there's a release date up! September 13 in the US, September 14 in Japan. I've looked around, and the best guess for a European release is late 2005... So, um, I'll probably end up watching this in Japan for the first time? Interesting.
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mushishi - mushi

OP anime, W7

Okay, I want to go there. So pretty!! I love how they've brought it to life. So exciting and full of life and color and... wow. I'm so glad these neverending shounen series can take all of an ep to do practically nothing but sightsee the cool new location.