May 23rd, 2005

mushishi - mushi

Fannish to-do list

In trying to convince myself that summer is coming soon now, and with it the end of this semester and being so busy with my Uni-life that I have no time for my fan-life, but I'm not sure how well that's going. I cheated, and started catching up to One Piece and Bleach, but that only made me realize how very very much my fannish self has to do now. Things I want to (or need to) read/see as soon as possible include One Piece (manga, since I'm almost caught up on anime), Bleach (ack, so much manga!) and Naruto (anime and manga both). Then I'd really like to eventually see the last season of Buffy, and the last two seasons of Angel, as well as the last season of Farscape, which we never manage to see, for some reason. I also need to see Firefly, sooner rather than later. And I'm itching to buy the latest Trigun manga, and re-watch the anime, and I miss knowing what's going on in GetBackers and Saiyuuki... Meep. So much to fan on, so little time!

Ahh, this is going to be a good summer, I can feel it. ^_^

Update: I knew I was going to forget something! Battlestar Galactica. Need to see that too.
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