May 27th, 2005

mushishi - mushi

Kittens! <3

My parents' neighbors on the farm have kittens. Fluffy, fuzzy, warm and cuddly little kittens of the dangerously cute kind. My brother has a kick-ass digital camera. The result? Really awesome pictures of absolutely adorable kittens.

They're a few weeks older now than in these pics, but my brother only sent me the last three yesterday... Hopefully he'll do some more photoshoots with them, and with the three teeny tiny baby kittens that haven't even opened their eyes yet. (Though him it really might kill, since he's extremely allergic to cats...)

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mushishi - mushi


NOOOO! NONONO! Now I'm all out of Bleach again, dammit, even though I started reading through it from a ridiculously early chapter, and holy crap that was intense, and... uh, wasn't I supposed to go swimming today? And they close in an hour. GAH! I will get you for this, stupid amazingly good manga. I might even forgive you, as long as I get MORE. NOW! Need! Translations for 177 - 179 would be appreciated too, thank you.

...need to run, might get some swimming in before they shoo me out of the pool. ^^;