June 4th, 2005

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Kung Fu Hustle

I don't go to the movies very often. And "not very often" equals a few time a year, and then only on very special occasions. There are several reasons for this, first and foremost the fact that it's insanely expensive (around $13), but also because people are rude and noisy and I've had several movie experiences ruined by jerks. (My favourite is "Don't lean forward - I can't read the subtitles!". This has happened twice, and when I can't lean forward my back starts hurting, and I'm not that tall, for crying out loud!)

Anyway. All of that to say that it's rare that I go to see a movie in the theaters, and that it's even rarer that I'm actually satisfied with what I've seen when I walk out. (I'm no great movie lover, and very, very picky when it comes to films.) But today I saw a movie that really made me happy. Kung Fu Hustle.

Those who've seen Shaolin Soccer (another fantastic film) should know what to expect. I hadn't heard anything about it, except that lalala_zombi wrote about it a while back, and said she laughed a lot. Well, I understand why, now.

It's brilliant. It's funny, it doesn't take itself seriously at all, it's got some gorgeous fights and coreography, and I even ended up caring for the characters. Yes, and it doesn't hurt that I find Stephen Chow to be intensely hot. ^____^ (I nearly cheered when he finally lost his shirt...)

Mmm. Fun! I love a movie that can make me laugh out loud, and smile for most of the time I'm not laughing, and even gasp out loud. Great experience, and it's a movie worth seeing in a movie theater. Ahh. I'm happy now. ^_^
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