June 17th, 2005

mushishi - mushi

Going to Japan

So I'm going to Japan. For a year. To study at Kyoto University's International Education Program (Kuinep).

It's finally official-official - I have the official letter in my hand! And it says I'm accepted! And it also says I got the JASSO scholarship, which is pretty fantastic. ^______^ (It's 80,000 yen - about $740 - per month for twelve months, plus a 25,000 yen arrival allowance, plus the return ticket for the trip.) Yeah. Life is good.

Good, but so much happening. Since I know other people than my LJ f'list (like my parents, for example) are interested in reading about the Japan-thing, I've set up a blog for that on my domain, here.

I'm writing in English, and I managed to get a LJ-feed up and running, for those who might be interested in reading my posts there, but don't want to hop around the net to do it. Just head here to add it to your flist! ^_^ (Yes, it lists a bunch of strange test posts. No, they can't be found - I deleted them. Yes, they will probably show up on your flist, but I think they get sorted by date, and I don't think it will spam you. I hope.)

This doesn't mean I've given up on LJ - quite the opposite! I'll probably keep posting here a great deal, since this is where I feel comfortable sharing my fangirlish squeeing and general rambles. Plus there are a lot of fun people here, and I would be sad to leave. ^_^
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