June 29th, 2005

going merry - dreamship

One Piece spazzing

WAAAGH!! I knew there was a reason why I hadn't caught up on One Piece manga before this! It was that once I catch up, there is no more manga to read. And that's a terribly bad horrible thing, what with all the evil cliffhangers and the wanting to know what's going to happen and following a dozen plot-threads at once, and... WAAAH! It's going to drive me crazy! The waiting, the awful slow, tortuous waiting... Oda-sensei is evil. And a genius, but mostly evil. And on crack.

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    hyper gimme more One Piece!!
mushishi - mushi

More Firefly

So, tell me again - why did they cancel this show?! It's not just good. Its worse episodes (and there's like, one of those) are "good". The rest is fantastic! I love the crew so much! They're a crew, and they're awesome, and they're the most important thing to Mal, who's such a good captain... awwww. He loves his crew, and they love him, and it's making every episode very, very much fun to watch.

Also, I love the kick-ass female characters. Female characters who are female, and characters, and not less important or less powerful or anything just for being female... man, Joss is good.

...I can't believe they cancelled it. And we only have five eps left, oh no! I'm really not looking forward to having no eps left, but when we have no eps left, we'll watch it all again, and then count the days to Serenity.