July 12th, 2005

mushishi - mushi

Here is how it was

Just watched the "making of" documentary on my Firefly DVD, titled "Here is how it was".

How strange it is that the documentary should make me feel as much as an episode! Because I did. The dedication everyone involved had to the show, the way everyone spoke so fondly and proudly of their show and their experiences together - Ron Glass, saying he wanted to be able to look back on the experience without crying. It's just... so many talented people working so hard, feeling so strongly about their show, and then it was cancelled - and now the moive makes it live again, briefly. At least they could all come together and have another chance at working together! And those who spoke their hope that there would be a movie - well, they have had their wish granted.

Fantastic little piece. I'm so glad I got this chance to see the cast and crew speak about Firefly, because it just adds to my love for the show. ♥ I could tell it was made with love, just watching it, but it's different to know how much they all cared for the show and each other and their fans... ^_^ The cancellation, though - ouch. The funeral scene where the composer didn't just write music for the dead character, but was actually saying goodbye to Firefly? Yeah. No wonder that scene gave me goosebumps...

Now, back to wanting to see the last three eps (and the pilot!) again, and trying to figure out when and where and how I'll be seeing our Bid Damn Movie. ^____^
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