July 19th, 2005

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A couple of Firefly links

Because Firefly makes me happy, and that the Serenity movie became reality makes me happier still. ♥

A Firefly Photo Essay. This is hysterical, wether you've watched the show or not! It's got a few spoilers (if you haven't seen it, looking at the episode summaries would probably be a bad idea), but it's a great way of getting people into it.

Another excellent bit of selling Firefly & Serenity: this piece in a political blog, of all places.

For those already sold: Soundtrack samples! From Serenity! Ah, the piece titled "Serenity" just... oh. It's perfect. ♥

Revenge of the Browncoats! Really nifty article on how fans brought Firefly to the big screen. Look out for spoilers in the last few paragraphs after "So how was the movie?".

And lastly, an interesting little bit of trivia. The Edinburgh Film Festival had to schedule extra showings of Serenity. They sold out. Fast. (Damn. Edinburgh's the closest place showing the movie before I leave!)

Many more interesting links can be found in Whedonesque's Firefly & Serenity category.
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