July 24th, 2005

mushishi - mushi

Brief note of hate

I've just finished HPB, and now I would really like to find and say a few words to the fucktard who was cruising around non-related threads with with a blinking icon of spoilers for the book about a day after it came out. Of course, that should teach me to just stay off the internet until I've read stuff for myself, but... yeah. I'm usually pretty sensitive to spoilers about things I know I'll be able to read/see for myself soon, and I let it get to me. It screwed with my enjoyment of the book. And that in turn didn't exactly make my crappy day any better. I think I like people who spoil things for fun about as much as I like people who make computer viruses. >_<

At least now I'll be able to catch up on all those billion discussions and whatnot that I've been staying far, far away from. Yay!

...two years really is too long to wait for the next one. *whimper*

ETA: There are now spoilers in the comments.
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