August 13th, 2005

mushishi - mushi

Lacking in fandom, but not in fun

It's interesting how I sometimes find myself without fandom - it just makes me realize how much fanning is the norm for me. I'm still following One Piece and Bleach with great interest and frequent squees, and Battlestar Galactica with a kind of careful fascination, but I'm not fanning. Not on anything... outside.

But I've still got crazy creative energies needing to get out, and right now they're all directed to - gaming. Have to games underway, one where I just play (IRL), and one where I've ended up taking on GM duties (on-line, but with the IRL group). And it's strange to realize I'm doing the exact same thing with my games as I do with fandom - only it can't be the exact same, because they're no the same thing at all. But the need to emerge myself in it, and discuss, and the urge *create for* - that's the same.

And I'm just a little unhappy about the timing of this. As I'm headed to Japan in two months, less having fun with the RL gaming group, and more fangirling over something Japanese would be good and practical, and I should probably look into something to get into before I leave. It would be such a waste to finally go to Japan, and not be especially interested in getting anything Japanese... ^^;;

(This entry brought to you by staying up to 3 AM talking RPG-memories with vargen, and then waking up way too early from dreams about my RPG-character. Dreams that actually developed a piece of plot for me... Huh. That was unusually useful!)