September 15th, 2005

mushishi - mushi

Last Order

Just to be different - no FF:AC squeeing! Hah. (Though I did love it, and have already seen it twice, and OMG SO PRETTY! ...oops.)

I'm just going to give a squee for Last Order here. Because - wow. So good! Zack... Zack is... *squee*. Zack is just too cool for words, and I'm totally crushing on him. And then there were Turks in the movie too, and I think I'm crushing on Reno too. Damn. What is it about FFVII that does this to me?

It's so much fun to see the story developed like this, with animation and voices and more plotbits, and it's making me remember just why I was so entranced by the game when I first played it in '97. I've played it a couple of times since, most lately last year, but there's so very much to it that I discovered I had already begun to forget a lot of little things...

And I really want to see it with subtitles, because I was missing bits of what was going on, but on the whole I feel kind of good about how much I am picking up. Yay! So now to convince people in Japan to speak like they do in anime, and preferably stick to subjects like, uh... promises, and, uh, getting revenge grr! and then I'll be fine! Um. Yes. I worry, ^^;;;
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