October 29th, 2005

going merry - dreamship

Salty Dog

I've been trying to keep from fangirling in my other various blogs and mail and postcards to non-fan type people, so this is my first chance to vent the fangirly joy I've felt for the entire three weeks I've been here in Japan. I don't know quite how coherent it's going to be. You have been warned.

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Oh, and the title for the LJ entry? Those on the f'list who're familiar with Kazuya Minekura will know that it's the name of her artbooks (which you can leaf through at Animate in Osaka, and then you want to have those few thousand yen to spare, because they're gorgeous). Today I also found out that it's a drink. I was in a bar with shayera, gnine, and some of gnine's Japanese friends, and... I found it on the menu. And I don't even particularly like drinks like that, but I had to take it. For the name alone. Because I'm crazy like that. ^_^ And it was good, actually. Grapefruity, with salt on the rim of the glass. Salty and bitter. Hm. Those artbooks, their titles make so much more sense now! ^_^
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