October 30th, 2005

mushishi - mushi

One Piece - spoilerfree squeeing about chapters 371-386

I love One Piece so much. So very, very much. In my brief moments of enough time & working internet I've seen a couple of posts on my f'list about the wonders of One Piece, about how good it is, and I'm not going to repeat what other people have already said much better than me. I'm not very good with words right now. Too much happening, too much in my head – getting the right words out is difficult. But my love for One Piece… I have to say something, even if it isn't much.

I caught up with the latest chapters last night, and… oh, man. I read 371-386, and I laughed out loud. With "last night" I mean sometime after 1 AM last night, and our dorm's walls aren't that thick, so I was trying not to be so loud, but – this is One Piece. When there it makes you laugh out loud, there's not much you can do about it, except laugh, and enjoy the feeling of exhilarating excitement and fun that comes from it.

I almost cried, too. And it's silly, because it's not… It's the kind of thing that if someone had told me, back almost two years ago, before I got into One Piece, that I would feel moved by the fate of giant fish, I would have laughed. Maybe wondered what kind of crack the person telling me this was on, too. Well, now I know. It's Oda's unique brand of crack, that can make even giant fish that appear in a handful of chapters into more well-rounded, interesting characters than some story creator's ever manage to do their main characters.

But most of all, I just cheered, and held my breath, and scrolled faster and faster, but still careful not to miss a single world, because this is some seriously fantastic story happening right now. With One Piece it's always a fantastic story, and I can remember a year ago, and Water 7, but now… wow. There are recent developments I would never have seen coming (of course, because when do I ever see anything coming in One Piece?), that promise to be very very interesting, and then there are the characters.

The characters, who have the best relationships, who would do anything for each other, who believe in each other, and there were so many moments I hardly knew what to do with myself because what I was reading and seeing, it was hitting all my buttons, going straight to my heart, and is it possible for something to be so perfect it's almost painful? Because that's almost what I feel. When the characters do what they have been doing for each other, for themselves… when the other people with them see Nami fight, and realize that the girl? Is not just there for "support" – she's one of their strongest fighters! I loved that. I love Oda-sensei for his brilliant women. Nami, and Robin, who would gladly die for her nakama, but can't take the thought of them dying for her. Actually, I just love Oda-sensei for his brilliant people. So human, despite their odd appearances and monstrous strengths. I could spend all day babbling about my love for One Piece, but I really shouldn't, so I'll just say one more word, one more thing that's possibly the thing that made me happier than anything else.

Usopp. ♥