November 3rd, 2005

mushishi - mushi

Watchings & Readings

This week was interesting in the way that I got really sick on Monday, spent the night worrying about the effects of not being able to keep down any food or drink, and then slowly got better on Tuesday. I spent Wednesday recuperating, and still feel kind of wobbly. However, as soon as I wasn't sick-sick anymore, it gave me the first chance I've had to simply sit down and watch some anime.

A month here, and I had hardly watched any anime at all! I did catch the latest episode of One Piece – it was fun to see it "live", but I'm missing a bunch from when I stopped watching last time… And I've seen Loveless, because I found it on one of my friend's many external hard drives, and it seemed pretty. It was pretty! And weird. Yep. That's probably the twelve anime episodes of Loveless in a nutshell – really pretty, and really weird. Though not in a terribly bad way, because now I want to read the manga to see if that makes more sense. It should. It would be hard to make less sense than the anime. ^^;

I also found Fruits Basket on previously mentioned hard drive, and while I did watch that some three years ago, I almost don't remember anything of it. And it's so sweet! Really good anime to watch when you're feeling sick and miserable. ♥

Reading… ahh, that's more fun. I've had time to catch up on One Piece, as previously mentioned. And yesterday I went out and bought my first Shounen Jump! Ah, and that was an interesting experience. ^^;;

I wandered into a local bookstore together with shayera. It's tiny, and they mostly sell manga and magazines. We were the only costumers, and weird not only because we were obviously gaijin, but also because I was buying the Shounen Jump. Usually people just hang out and read the latest chapters of their preferred series. We obviously made the lady behind the counter curious, because she asked how many years (!) we'd been in Japan for. I, of course, didn't understand even this simple question, which I blame on my still being sick, because… yeah. I should've understood that. ^^;; Anyway. So. I go into stuttering idiot mode, while shayera answers that we just arrived.

It really should have been more embarrassing than it was, but I'm kind of getting used to making a fool of myself all the time. Still, though. Here's someone who just arrived to the country, seems to be unable to communicate in Japanese, and… buys comics for kids? In Japanese. To… look at the pretty pictures? Um. Yes. Hello, I'm your local idiot foreigner! ^__^;

But! It's Shounen Jump! It has One Piece and Bleach, and a bunch of other series I've been wanting to get into, but haven't gotten around to yet. It's cheap, and bad quality, which makes me feel like I'm not defacing it if I scrawl little translation notes all over it. (I can't do that with my regular manga. I just… maybe it would be good, but I keep my notes separate from the original, because I don't want to make it all messy.) So it's all good, and it was worth getting embarrassed about.

And having bought Shounen Jump, I had to catch up to Bleach. Which I did, and went all bouncy and squee-y and OH GIMME NEXT CHAPTER NOW! Need next chapter! Damn. So good. So very very good. Mmm. Yes. Someone's buying Shounen Jump next week too. ^_^
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