November 5th, 2005

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Luck in the Shadows and other (fangirly) things

It'd be fun to be in Japan no matter what my interests were, I think, but being a fan of very specific Japanese things makes it... special. There are so many moments, almost every day, when I see or do something that makes me grin like an idiot, just for the sheer experience of it.

Yesterday it wasn't even being a fan of Japanese things, it was just a fan, and being in Japan, and therefore being unable to pass by a bookstore without checking out exactly what they have. What they had was – and I found this completely by accident, the way I seem to do a lot - Luck in the Shadows. In Japanese. I love and adore the Nightrunner Series by Lynn Flewelling – I have since I was sixteen, and read them the first time. And I knew they were translating them here, but I hadn't really expected to find them. And find them so pretty. Obviously, this being Japan, the characters are drawn in manga style on the cover. And, oh, what a beautiful style it is. It suits them, Alec and Seregil, it really, really does. I could tell it was them even before I spotted the title, which should say something. And then they have a full color illustration on the first page, as well as little portraits of all the main characters, and when I looked at those together with shayera we were both in extreme agreement that this series? Needs to become a manga. And then an anime. And then Morikubo Shoutarou will do Alec's voice, because that would be perfect.

On our walk back me and shayera discussed a few casting choices for the Nightrunner Series, and we decided that Ishida Akira would make a very interesting Seregil. As for the rest of them… oh, so many wonderful characters, so many wonderful seiyuus, it's so hard to decide! ^_^

That bookstore also had the "2nd One Piece Log" - Sanji, which is a collection of the Baratie-arc chapters, with very pretty color pages of the color spreads from the original publication. I didn't buy it, but I'm so very tempted… One Piece. Pretty colors. Sanji… I don't know how long I'll be able to resist. ♥

Today's Happy Fan Moment was… well, it was two. First - reading the latest chapter of One Piece in my (my!) Shounen Jump. Read all of it, if it still counts as reading if you have to look up practically every kanji in the text. ^^; And then - tracking down a second Book-off, from the tiny map I got on my Book-off leaflet last time I bought something there. It wasn't easy, but it was fun, and rewarding – I found a beautiful edition of Minekura Kazuya's Stigma. ♥
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