November 7th, 2005

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The Weekly "Getting Jump" Adventure

The Weekly Getting Jump Adventure

Okay. So, this week I got my Shounen Jump at the local コンビニ. I wanted to get my supper at the same time, see, and thought it was a pretty good idea. Also, I was avoiding the lady in the little bookstore who probably thinks I'm a super weirdo. ^^;

Got my sushi rolls, got my Jump, went to pay for them. Got asked something I've never been asked before when paying in a store, and blinked stupidly. "Isshou?" Um. I looked over my shoulder to see if my French friend who had followed me into the store was waiting behind me to pay something, or what. "Betsu betsu?" He wasn't. I blinked again. The girl behind the counter had now lifted my sushi rolls off the Jump, and was clearly indicating whether I wanted to pay for them separately. However, my brain, always incredibly slow on the uptake when it comes to Japanese, was still processing "isshou" for me, and I answered yes, before I caught my brain's mistake and confused things further with a quick no, and by now the clerk was the one blinking. (Politely, of course.)

In the end, I managed to pay for my two items together, and when my brain caught up with what had been going on, I was much amused. See, I keep saying that nobody buys Jump. And they don't, because everyone reads them in the store – I had problems finding a copy that hadn't already been handled so much it was falling into pieces! (We're talking of the new issue here, the one that came out today.) But even though somebody must be buying Shounen Jump occasionally, girls obviously never buy Shounen Jump. If a woman comes to the counter with a Jump magazine, then it must be for her little brother, or something. And in that case, she will want to pay separately for the magazine and her own food. Um. Yes. It was an interesting realization.

Haven't read it yet, but I looked through it together with my friend M, and we found information about Jump Festa 2006 and the One Piece Christmas Party, and why is Tokyo so far away?! And why are these things when we still have classes? Oh, I want to go so bad. So very, very bad. They're tempting me with seiyuus. *whimper* Seiyuus, and other things I'm almost afraid to try and puzzle out, because last Jump Festa had, like. Mangakas. Such as, well, Oda-sensei. Live. And if I know he's going to be there, and I'm in the same country... I might end up spending a good portion of my monthly budget on a trip to Tokyo. ^^;;;;;
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