November 9th, 2005

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Death Note

I really should be doing my homework, because, well, that's what homework's for. But! It's so nice and toasty here in the lounge where the internet access is… it's crappy internet access, but it's better than no internet access at all. So I decided I'd post a random post about manga stuff. Like Death Note.

I read Death Note. I read Death Note and went to class, and that was pretty much all I did during two days, because damn Death Note is addictive! And good. Brilliant, even. I've been curious about it for a while, and coming to Japan only made me more curious, because I've seen merchandize and doujinshi and whatnot for it. Finally got my hands on it last week, and was pretty much blown away. I didn't really know what to expect, but I found it was on level with Monster when it comes to plot and not being able to stop reading because of that desperate need to see what happens next, and next, and next… It's not something I think I'd fall madly in fangirl love with, but it's good. Good enough that I've already gotten one my Swedish friends here hooked on it. (A friend who's not into that much manga either, so I'm glad he likes it! Now I've got even more people to share my weekly Shounen Jump with.)

What's good about Death Note is the plot. And the art. The art is just as brilliant as the plot, in its own way, and I loved it even before I'd read anything at all. And then there are the characters, which I almost feel like classifying as "plot", because they're so complex, and the whole plot is driven by these characters. Unlike much of my usual fare, there's no outside factors here (well, apart from the Death Note in question and such), no great (tangible) goal to reach, no big danger to avert, no promise to fulfil. It's just… these people, in this situation, and what they do. And I probably make it sound really boring, but that's what's so good. So fascinating. So addictive.

…damn, almost 10 PM! A guy with a uniform and a flashlight will be arriving any minute to toss us out of here, so I'm going to cut this short now. I've been watching other stuff, and reading some other things, but at least now the flist will know I've joined the Death Note addicts readers. ^^
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