November 15th, 2005

going merry - dreamship

Anyone want stuff from Japan?

I can't believe I haven't done this here before. *facepalm* But better late than never, right?

If anyone wants postcards, and/or possibly cool stuff from Japan, let me know here! I'll be screening the comments, so it's safe to leave your real name + address. It's also possible to mail me - my address is in my profile. Come one, don't be shy! ♥ Anyone who's into anime/manga - let me know what series you're most into! And maybe a favourite character or pairing or such as well. After all, Christmas is drawing near. ^_^ (That's not to say anything will actually arrive before Christmas, or the new year, or... uh. Soon. But I'll do my best to send something to everyone who signs up here!)

Should anyone be interested in contacting me by something other than LJ, contact info including RL name + address is up here, and the link is always available through my profile.