December 2nd, 2005

mushishi - mushi

Musical emotion

Someone's watching Lord of the Rings, or playing the LotR OST in their room not far away from where I'm sitting with my computer. And the moment I realized what it was I was hearing... I almost got homesick, or something like homesick. Almost. It reminded me of Christmas and my friends and my apartment and all those things that I don't have here, more than any gaudy Christmas decorations or looking at the calendar ever could. Because for three years, Christmas was the time of Lord of the Rings. Four, since the last extended edition and the complete DVD-set came out last year around this time. And now there are no more movies, and that's... something I miss.

Well, wasn't that random? ^^; It's late, it's cold, I should go to my room and cuddle with my manga or something.

For slightly less random things, a write-up on our field trip to Himeji and Shikoku is up here, and there are tons of pretty pictures from Japan to look at here. Enjoy!
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