December 15th, 2005

going merry - dreamship

Jump Festa

Tomorrow, I'm going to Tokyo. By night bus. To return on Sunday night, also by night bus, which means I'll arrive back in Kyoto early Monday morning - the same Monday I have a Japanese test, and a day full of lectures. Why? Well, the obvious answer is that I'm crazy! But, other than that - because this weekend is Jump Festa, and I'm a fangirl in Japan, and there was very little I could do to resist going. (I tried, I tried... and I failed.)

Wow. I'm insanely excited, and nervous, and kind of dreading the eight hours on a bus with no toilet thing... but most of all I'm bouncing like a little kid on Christmas Eve! I can't believe I'm really going! Tomorrow. Waaa~h! ^_____^
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