November 6th, 2006

supernatural - holding on

Winter has come

Stockholm, November 1:

November snow November first

Yeah. Snowstorm. In November. I'd forgotten how much I never really cared for November in this country... This being the first day of winter, there were huge traffic problems too. Public transport was a mess - busses couldn't get anywhere because of the bad roads, and the trains and subways still have half their cars in for repair after leaves on the track messed up their wheels. Private transport was almost worse, because the roads where in complete chaos. Out in the country, trains further than about an hour and a half north of here stood completely still all night.

It's completely surreal. First the "leaves got on the track" which apparently wrecks the wheels of every other train. Happens every fall, without fail. And then winter happens, and this is reported for days in advance - "big storm coming in, we'll get lots of snow" - and responsable parties everywhere react as if they've never heard the word "winter" before. What, SNOW? Here? Now?! ...sigh. It's the same thing every damn time. I'd laugh if I wasn't so grumpy about it.

I would've posted this sooner too, but apparently winter now means I get our lovely winter vomiting disease. Kind of like a 3-day stomach flu, which is flying around here for November - April, hence the name. If you haven't got it where you are - good for you! You don't want it. It's nasty and disgusting and all around a bad idea... though the hallucinations where kind of interesting. (I suddenly saw connections to everything I had never seen before, I was one with the world, and somehow this involved very complicated cubes. Don't ask, I have no idea.)

I was sick, then I got vargen sick, and now we're both much better, but still kind of wrung out and pathetic, and so sitting around on the couch watching MASH all day. Not a bad way to spend a November day, actually...

We also watched Supernatural, somewhat later than usual.
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ETA: Ooh, more Supernatural - today's the day Swedish TV 1 starts airing the series! Couple of random observations from re-re-watching the first ep. Collapse )