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Me, my doujinshi & I

So. Tokyo. Comiket. Everyone else I travelled with has already reported on those days - shayera, gnine, and now xparrot with her hysterical (funny 'cause it's true) Comiket Countdown.

Me, I did the posting pictures, here. And then I've mostly been sitting around thinking about how I could possibly do justice to the experience that my four days (I had an extra day compared to the others ♥) in Tokyo was. And I still haven't been able to.

What I have done is - I've catalogued my doujinshi. And also played with Google's awesome new Page Creator. The result is, predictably, a page cataloguing my doujinshi! Which I had twenty and some of when I left, and over eighty when I returned from Tokyo and let's not do the math there, because it's vaguely horrifying! ^___^;

And tomorrow is Super Comic City Kansai, and I'm going and I will not be able to resist adding to that collection. I worry! (But only about how I will get them all home safely, really.)

Without further ado - for the curious: my doujinshi collection!

(Randomly, these past three weeks were crazy enough that I had no time at all to work on a CFUD app. Woe. At least I'll have one more thing to look forward to when September rolls around?)
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