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Naye's Archive
Tiny little update
Am working on entering the new doujinshi in my catalogue. It's slow going, because I keep getting distracted by reading them, or looking at the pretty pictures, or just marvelling at how awesomely talanted and creative people can be.

Took a couple of hours to clean my room and re-organize my bookshelf - had just let everything accumulate in a big heap since before Comiket. Oops. I biked down some 30 minutes to Marutamachi in the heat of the day to hold a lesson with a new student, and when I came home I was pretty much back to being exhausted. I'm still in a state where I do everything really slowly and have trouble thinking clearly about stuff - especially writing seems to be almost impossible to manage. Stupid words won't... in the order I want them to, do that thing that makes them make sense!

Feeling: exhausted exhausted

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