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Leaving Japan in  a week. Not coping so well with this fact. Not at all. It's not just Japan - after almost a year, I'm used to not  being a continent or two away from xparrot and gnine! And I know for a fact that the continent + ocean divide sucks, and makes it surprisingly hard to get together for watching and talking and general cuddles.

I'm dealing with my not coping by falling crazy in love with a Japanese drama/police series called Odoru Daisousasen, which I have a feeling will come up at greater length very soon. Because - yeah. It's love. stitcher2ficcer will probably have heard about it already, and - yes, it really is that good!

It's also the only thing I can focus on that doesn't make me go WAAH DON'T WANNA LEAVE, and so I've spent an inordinate amount of time on Japanese fan sites (have found a total of zero Western fandom for the show). Or trying to access Japanese fan sites. I'm getting the very, very strong impression that the Japanese are just a tiny bit more paranoid about protecting their privacy on-line than western fans, because... The lengths they go through to keep people away from their sites are quite amazing.

To date, I've had to: hunt hidden links (hidden behind words), hunt camouflaged links, open the source code to search for links, and scroll. A lot. I've also had to pass quizzes proving I'm really a fan to get usernames and passwords, or relevant parts of a URL. Like – take the two main characters birthdays and add the numbers. Or… what is the abbreviation of the third police organization beside Wagan and the Metropolitan Police. Random stuff like that. Which is all kinds of fun when you're trying to figure out what on earth it is they actually want, because – it's not phrased as simple as that. Oh, no. That would be too easy! No, they never use characters' names, instead choosing to use a combination of adjectives that only make sense if you're a fan. A Japanese fan. Um. At least I can recognize the kanji for the area between the eyebrows now? (眉間. And it does make sense that it comes up so often, yes.)

One site even had a question about the three major doujinshi events in Tokyo, and I fail, because I can only come up with Summer Comiket and Winter Comiket… is there a Super Comic City in Tokyo…?

Um. Yeah. This is me, ignoring reality, because I'm kind of not happy with reality right now. (Though it will be very very good to get back to my love - I haven't seen him since January 2!) And me ignoring reality is also me ignoring LJ, because I suck. Yes.

Reality isn't very happy with me either, and is making its displeasure known by flooding my tiny apartment with open boxes and mysterious piles of doujinshi and dishes where new forms of life are developing and an insane mess that has to be sorted into "throw away", "bring now", and "send home by ship". Ah~, I'm going to make the Japanese Post so rich soon. ^^;
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