Kit (ex_naye320) wrote,

OP 427

Back in Sweden! Safely! With no problems on my end. Even got my overweight suitcase and over-legal-limit carry-on through with no problems. So that was me.

That my fiancé and mother both managed to make the calculation that leaving Japan on Friday morning = returning to Sweden on Saturday evening... well. That's not really that important anymore. It got sorted out, because if I can handle a year by myself in Japan, I can handle being stranded in Arlanda airport!

But rather than talk about the move-in cleaning we're doing now (gotta make space for my manga & doujinshi!) - One Piece! The new chapter! The SQUEE on my end, reading and flailing and squee~! I'm so so grateful to whoever scans and shares the whole of Shounen Jump, 'cause - good reading. Great reading on a day when I also found out that my lovely little shounen Mieru Hito is (finally) getting kicked out. (It made me a bit sad, but at the same time - it's kind of... fitting. I knew it was going to end sooner or later, but to have it end just as my time in Japan does? It almost feels like it means something.)

Odacchi's a genius. His characters are genius. His writing is genius. That big panel, with Luffy and "Usopp" and... I don't really have any words anymore, it's all coming out as verbal keyboard mashing because of the perfect, and FINALLY, and it's making me so happy. ♥

...I still need sleep, yes.
Tags: mieru hito, one piece manga
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