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Still alive. Back in Sweden, and - totally overwhelmed by the reverse cultural shock, very much not helped by the fact that my year abroad made me start questioning the point of my studies, and the only answer I can come up with is that there is no point. There is a point to the result, but not to the actual studies. So dedicating time to them - or anything that takes mental effort - is not going so well.

Communication is not going so well, because words are one of the most exhausting things right now. But I miss... being around, I guess. Miss people. So I'll... try to catch up. Starting by catching up with myself and my runaway life.

Other than that, things are mostly good. My airmail (SAL) box of doujinshi arrived today, so now I've got 150 of my treasures here. Yay! I worry about the ones still out to sea, but I won't know if they've made the voyage or not for another couple of months. Waiting sucks.

I didn't really suffer from any jetlag, just good old exhaustion. Staying up for what more or less amounted to 48 hours straight has that effect! That, and I've been really, really hungry. Weird.

The only thing that's really not good is that one of our two pet gerbils - little Al - has a tumor in his scent gland. It looks really bad, but he's not in pain, and he's as hyper as always! Even more than his big brother Ed. Crazy little things. I missed them so much, and I'm glad they both survived to my return, at least. At almost three years old, they're sleeping a bit more than they used to, but other than that and the obviously easy-to-ignore tumor they're the same curious little shredders they were when I left. ♥

Watching anime doesn't really take a lot of mental effort, so I'm still doing a lot of that. Currently following xxxHOLiC (damn, the last two episodes were good!), Ouran High School Host Club, Welcome to the NHK, One Piece (♥), Tale of Saiunkoku and re-watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya with vargen (which was a cool experience - it's definitely a series to watch at least twice, and I'm still in the mood to discuss and analyze it and wondering about erhune's theory about Kyon...). I'm impatiently waiting for the new Jump series to start airing, and will start Last Exile any day now. No, really! As soon as I can get the subs to work...

Reading is pretty easy too - at least when you're reading Fushigi Yuugi. Even if it is in Japanese, it's the simplest Japanese I've ever come across outside an elementary level textbook! So nostalgic, and cute and fun. (But is all shoujo really this easy to read? I thought shounen was pretty basic, but shoujo is just - there aren't even any weird techniques or special physics explanations to plow through! It's almost too easy.)

Oh, and vargen has got me reading Terry Pratchett (again), by the cunning use of... uh, leaving the book he was reading around the apartment where I could grab it and start reading a random page and then get completely sucked in? (That was The Truth. Am getting started on Guards Guards! now. Mmm, books. ♥)
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