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Naye's Archive
Second season! First episode! Just watched! Must LJ cut! For abuse of exclamation marks and caps!

So. Um.

Watched it back to back with the season finale together with vargen, missed xparrot and gnine like crazy, almost passed out from not breathing. Not breathing is BAD, or so vargen tells me.

...I don't even know where to begin, so I'll begin with what I said towards the end, which is KRIPKE YOU EVIL BASTARD I LOVE YOU ARGH SQUEE OMG 111.

From the moment we saw John alive, and his reaction to Dean's situation... kind of had a feeling this was going to happen. My absolute favourite scenario would've been the demon keeping John alive, but. If it's smarter than that, this works too. In a horrible evil painful going to CRY NOW way, but it works. And - John gave his life for Dean. Can we please end the debate on whether he's a bad father who doesn't love his kids now?

KRIPKE YOU BASTARD I need to know what John said to Dean before going off to sacrifice himself. Was it the Secret, about Sam and the others like him? I'm guessing yes, though it's not sure. And - did he tell Dean what he'd done? In some way? Mention the gun and how looking for it might be a bit pointless? Something, anything to make him understand... Except he wouldn't want Dean to have to carry that burden, so he probably didn't say anything about it but the WHISPERING KRIPKE I HATE YOU!

Also? Cutting THERE, before the actual reaction? Did I mention the part where I hate Kripke for breaking my heart in brilliant ways and not hurting me enough? If we don't get to see the reaction, I'll... go read fanfic, probably. Lots of it. Um. Yeah.

But! The episode! So good! With the squee! So much squee I forgot to breathe. Aaaaaaaa! Sam and Dean! And Sam and John! And John and Sam and CRYING, they're always crying, that was... ow. Ow. Pain. Good pain. Just - poor Dean. Poor, poor Dean, and Sam, and they're well and truly alone now. OW. Poor boys. Need hugs. From each other. Lots of them.

Babble! Random! When Dean was flat-lining? Sam watching? Clinging to the door? Practically crying? And Dean unable to get through and comfort him? AWW. So much aww. Like the ouija-board. Which made me laugh out loud, but still aww. Something minor like a lack of body won't stop the two of them! ♥ And the glass! With Dean's expression - I wish he'd remembered that part, at least. 'cause that wasn't all that horribly traumatizing. Unlike the whole thing with the Reaper and seeing his own body and seeing his brother and father fight and being unable to stop it... MEEP.

I wonder if they'll figure it out. I wonder what it'll do to Dean. To Sam. I wonder if we'll EVER find out what John told Dean, because I might have mentioned it's driving me a LITTLE insane. Just a little!

All in all - if John had to die, I couldn't have imagined a better way. I'll miss him, and I wish it'd have been possible to keep him vaguely around - not in every episode, but like in the first season. But if that's not possible, then this is... very satisfying, actually.

It's also kind of - I know there are people who'll say that, well, then Sam should just've shot the gun and they would've had the demon and it wouldn't have mattered, because John's dead either way, BUT. This way - he got to... Dean got to hear things that he desperately needed to hear. If John would've died in that cabin... It wouldn't have been the same. Of course, now John died for Dean and HUGE GUILT TRIP may result, but at least he knows his father loved him. Knows his father always needed him as much as Dean needed him and Sam, no matter what the demon said. And for me... that's worth it, even aside from the fact that otherwise Sam would've killed his father.

Mmm. Satisfying. That's a good word for the entire episode. Satisfying. Another word is GIVE ME MORE RIGHT NOW DAMMIT! ♥

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xparrot From: xparrot Date: September 29th, 2006 11:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
Work now but EEEEEE~~ ^^
ex_naye320 From: ex_naye320 Date: September 30th, 2006 07:51 am (UTC) (Link)
So you finally got it to download? :D
xparrot From: xparrot Date: September 30th, 2006 10:16 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh, like we would have SURVIVED if it hadn't!!

OMG the freaking whisper scene!!! Yargh!!! Maybe not quite as annoying as some, because I'm confident we're gonna hear what it was, and in not too long (it was way too long a conversation to just ignore in later eps) but...YAAAARGH!! I wanna know now!! I'm convinced that it was whatever the secret about Sam was, because that sounded pretty important and John wouldn't let something like it go unmentioned, not if it might be dangerous to his boys. But what that is...(I was almost wondering if it might be that Sam isn't actually his son, that he's some kind of demonic cuckoo's child, but J pointed out making them not blood-related would make the incest damn near inevitable, so probably not...)
(...speaking of incest, uhh, yeah, I still don't see it, really, but that bit with Dean almost dying on the table and Sam watching hugging the door...yow. Awww.)

Also, immicolia mentioned it already, but the bit with Bobby talking about scrapping the Impala and Sam flips the hell out, that was lovely. (Dr.) Kripke is a fanfic writer of the first degree ^__^

Though, dammit, why'd they have to kill John? couldn't they just have possessed him instead? *whine* (...the actor is contracted for more eps, so...flashback? or something else? hmmmmm???) The jury's still out on whether John was a good father...but whether he loves (loved)(sob) his boys, that's pretty completely answered, yep...

In conclusion: WANT MORE~!

ex_naye320 From: ex_naye320 Date: September 30th, 2006 12:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
The whisper they'd BETTER not wait too long to go into what was revealed there, and they'd better KNOW what was going on! I'm with you on the length = must be revealed, because it wasn't just one of those one-liners like "I'm sorry about this" or anything, it was... disclosing something. Important. Someting Important, yeah, with captial S and I and - I've thought of the demonic cuckoo myself. It's possible. I honestly don't think they're going to change anything they'd planned to write because of the Wincest, because - they write in love interests in nearly every damn episode, and it's not stopping anyone who's going for it at the moment! It could also be something like the demon fathered Sam, in which case they'd still be half brothers? Anyway.

Dean dying and Sam breaking apart, cracking slowly and if Dean hadn't come back then - he'd have cracked. And then put himself back together and gone out looking for a necromantic or a way to go get his brother back with his own hands, because Sam will never give up on Dean. I really love that. Like in his conversation about the Impala... waah.

Speaking of conversations - oujia board?! I can't believe he did that. ♥ He looked so silly, and Dean looked so silly, and then they both did it anyway because... they needed to talk. And they needed to talk, the three of them, and then they said a lot when the others couldn't HEAR, and it's kind of sad Dean doesn't remember... that he wasn't even there for Sam's line about just beginning to be brothers again. (Which. Squee x infinity?)

Just outta curiosity - were you spoiled about John's death? 'Cause I wasn't, but the second it was clear that he was awake and Dean was dying... Well. I suspected. And then from the way he was looking at Dean, I knew. I knew he was going to trade himself, even though I hadn't actually worked it out far enough that he was going to trade himself to Ol' Yellow Eyes! Because that's not just giving up on his life - that's giving up on his mission. That's giving up on revenge, and... I don't think he could have done anything greater than that. I don't think there's anything John could have done that says more than that. He gave up. For Dean.

I'm still of two minds about whether he's actually permanently dead. Casting news aside - we never heard exactly what the demon wanted from him. His life is implied, but if the demon could use him some other way...? I mean, killing him and taking the gun, the demon should've been able to do that on his own. Without any deals. But - I'm thinking Darkness Visible here, and the ancient rules and contracts that seems to be very much real in the world of Supernatural, and if John had given himself... Ahh. Yes. Of course, if Yellow Eyes had just nicked his body and walked away with it, he would have the boys on his trail like - well, like very angry, stubborn things with guns. Which would at least be annoying, if not fatal. Much better to kill the off the shell first - we know for a fact demons can use a body that's been quite squished, so a bit of heart failure and lack of oxygen to the brain is a piece of cake for something like it!

But then it's going to go off and Bide Its Time, because that's what things like that does in shows like this. And then it's going to come back and TRAUMATIZE the boys. Traumatize them more than they already are, I mean. And if that happens, I will be a very, very happy fangirl. Because I'm evil, yes, and I enjoy seeing them suffer! ♥ They do it so prettily.

Yeah, didn't mean... John still won't win any Dad of the Year awards (except for the bit where he actually kept the boys alive!), but he honestly, truly loves them. And he did the best he could, and he knows he screwed up, but it's not like he can go back in time and undo anything. And we saw him run out of time to do anything more, ever again, and... he did his best. I think it's the best farewell any of them could have asked for. Painful as anything, but if he'd died in the cabin, or in the car, all of these things unsaid? That would have been so much worse.

In conclusions - I AGREE WITH YOUR CONCLUSION! More, especially MORE HUGS!

nizlaili From: nizlaili Date: September 30th, 2006 10:45 am (UTC) (Link)

Thank you for informing! Downloading it right this instant!

ex_naye320 From: ex_naye320 Date: September 30th, 2006 12:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
You're a fan too! I didn't know! *bounce*

It's... such a good episode, I love Kripke SO MUCH at the same time as I kind of want to kick him. ^^;;
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