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Naye's Archive
One Piece 430
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xparrot From: xparrot Date: October 4th, 2006 05:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
*sob* That's, what, like 4 times now that Oda has had me in tears. That's about as much as all other anime series altogether and I haven't read Skypiea and I just know the Noland story is gonna put me down too. Odacchi~~!! (and J-chan is bawling now, seriously!)

It really is looking like Franky now, isn't it. I'm wondering if maybe Paulie is going to take over as leader of his crew, if Franky himself goes with Luffy? It would explain why Paulie's gotten the emphasis he has. And Luffy doesn't have a cyborg, it's true...

But what is the new ship going to be???
ex_naye320 From: ex_naye320 Date: October 4th, 2006 07:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow. You actually cried? You did? That's... wow. But it was - yeah. I can see why J-chan was bawling - I was, after all. It's good and hurty and GOOD HURTY, but so hurty. Saying farewell like that, and Merry's last words, and it could have been any of them, really. Saying that they'd been happy to be with the others until the end. But a ship doesn't get stronger by fighting the waves. It just breaks. And that breaks my HEART, it really does, like your icon says. So much. *clings*

Yeah... But now Iceburg's there, and Franky has a chance to sort out what he wants to do, what his alternatives are, and Luffy can ask him - if he wants to ask. It's required that SOMEONE ask, anyway. And I'm still waiting for Odacchi to just - pull something. Like he does. 'Cause he's Odacchi. XD

The new ship! They need it! For going places! And it needs to be totally different from the Merry, but something they can love as much... something with cannons. They're going to need them. Something fast, to outrun all those Marine ships. Something durable, to last to the end of the line. In other words - something like the best the Galley-la/Tom's Workers can build. But they don't have time...

Speaking of Tom's Workers - how much do I not love Iceburg for hearing the Merry, and fixing it up in the middle of the storm? ♥

4 have spoken ♥ :: Speak to me?