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New anime!

Lots of premiers right now! Have been eagerly awaiting D.Gray-Man (out subbed already) and Death Note (raw, for the moment).

I have to say I'm rather pleased overall with D.Gray-Man - I like Allen's voice, I like the intro, I like the character design and the animation. It's... nice. Because of Hoshino's art, I was kind of expecting a more interesting color palette - brighter, maybe. But it was just one episode, and a lot of it took place indoors, in the dark, so it's not like the animators had a lot to work with. It'll be fun to watch the series develop, though - in my opinion it gets more and more interesting the more you see of the rest of the cast.

Death Note - Death Note isn't just "nice". Death Note blew me away. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since this is Death Note, insanely popular; practically an industry in itself. But even with knowing that, I wasn't really prepared for the absolutely stunning opening and ending sequences, and the amazing art. (Now there they've got some good, creative use of color!) It's simply fantastic. So far only Light and Ryuk have had spoken lines, but my first impression is that Miyano Mamoru owns Light. Ryuk could have been a bit more... imposing. But that's just me needing to adjust to hearing Ryuk outside my head, and nothing that detracts from my general enjoyment of the show. The music too, is gorgeous and perfect - especially the choral music to go with themes of life and death and gods. I know the story; I know the ending - I'm still going to be following this anime religiously. If they keep this quality up for the duration, it mightwell turn out to be one of the best series I've ever seen.
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