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WTF, Supernatural fandom?

Not even a real rant, just one of the many reasons I love fandom, but stay far away from most on-line gatherings of fans. It's the same thing, every single time, and it drives me nuts.

It's the thing with female characters and the way fans react to them. Every single damn time there's a female character introduced to a show, most of the fandom just explodes with mindless hate, based on some kind of weird... jealousy issues.

I know - I did it myself, way back when in my first on-line fandom. I couldn't say now whether Cassie was well written or horrible or just normal for the show, but I can say that my righteous 17-year old self hated her on principle. And not even on my own principle - I hated her on the principle that the rest of the fandom hated her.

I'm not seventeen anymore, and now I'm more upset by the general lack of interesting female characters than I am by the Babes of the Week getting attention from the male characters. There's something extremely frustrating in seeing how people are so dead set against any female character claiming one of "their" boys that they will hate any possible love-interest introduced. No matter how cool or well-written she is, or how much chemistry she has with the male character, there will be posts everywhere full of hate on everything from the character to the actual actress. (Which - let's not go there, because hating real people because of fandom? No wonder fans get such a bad rep.)

Personally, I thought there wasn't much to think about the new "love interest" introduced in the latest ep of Supernatural. She was there, she kicked Dean's ass (which I do kind of love her for), and he tried to be his normal flirty self with her, which... didn't work. Then she hit on him, and - yeah, I can see where she's coming from there. It's Dean. He's hot. He was clearly kind of interested in her. NOT hitting on him - now that would have been dumb. But she didn't really do anything. She was there. She packs a nice punch, and she seems pretty bright. But don't know really anything about her as a person, and already people are hating her, saying she's badly written, saying she's stupid, saying - and this is the best part! - that they've hated her ever since they read spoilers about her. All of this because it's been indicated she's going to be a recurring character. One who happens to be a girl, and interested in Dean.

I'm not surprised, but I still don't get the point of all this hating. I'm... I can just sigh, and wonder - why? Why are we (the general fangirl we) so anxious to hate on female characters? I'm too tired and annoyed to come up with anything good. I need to get this out of my system, but it bugs me that I can't even be articulate about it - I can just fume, and sigh, and decide that maybe I should just like any female character on principle, to balance out all of the pointless negativity from all those who hate on principle.

And I liked that episode, too! But then I stumbled across all of this stupidity, and forgot about the happy squee in favour of the tired sigh. Though - John Shiban still needs help on his scripts. At least this had more of a coherent plot (and solution) than "Bugs", but - that's not really saying much. Um. Good thing he writes such beautiful brother-interaction! ♥ (But still no hug?! I demand a hug!)
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