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Naye's Archive
WTF, Supernatural fandom?
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xparrot From: xparrot Date: October 9th, 2006 10:36 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Reply the second

Ahh, I better explain myself before I get mistaken as a crazy antifeminist or something ^^;; It wasn't Jo's punching of Dean that got me, so much as the writing of it...it seems cliche to me, having the girl punch out the guy, and then the guy is left with no recourse but to grin and take it. I'm just thinking if it had been a guy who'd punched Dean, then they would have had a scuffle after. As it is, did Jo apologize? Maybe she did, I can't remember...it's just. I dunno. If a guy punched out Dean in the same circumstances? I don't think I'd be rooting for him.
...I'm doing a lousy job of this explanation thing ^^;; I agree it makes perfect sense for her character to do such a thing, and she was in the right since it was her place - it just seemed like the writer set it up to make a 'oh look strong girl! strong blonde girl! not sexist!' point...(where as if she'd been truly competent she wouldn't have needed Dean's lecture because she would've stayed out of range of him grabbing the gun anyway :P)(...actually, I think that's what kind of gets me, is this sort of double standard of girls who are strong enough to punch out guys, but don't have to take punches back, and it's not their fault they're in a society where reciprocal violence is unacceptable but it fundamentally makes me uncomfortable, because the strength they're showing is maybe just illusionary. Like, Dean probably could kick her ass, but he never would, and it's not fair to either of them. For that matter if a guy punched out Dean like that it would probably come across as more threatening than humorous...)(um, I am just getting myself confused here. Will figure it out later and get back to you, how about? ^^;;;)

Heh. The icon's just dumb fun, far as I see. Not to say that there isn't real hate out there (well, as much 'real' as can be when it's on a fictional char) but stupid rhymes/wordplay tend to inspire even those who are lukewarm about an issue (or else I just have a more charitable view of humanity. possibly undeserved.)

I'd never really reasoned out the thing about romance myself! But it does make sense...most of the het couples I've fanned on recently have been like that, the unexpected ones. And pretty much all slash is like that by definition...(this is why I love having discussions with you, we always figure out the neatest things ^^)

and speaking of figuring out...hmm, yes, buring John. Well. The demon might be able to fake a body? He can take over Death, for pity's sake, what is beyond the limits of his power? Just wondering...(especially with Dean's craziness, if it's got to do with John's whisper...if he knew his father wasn't actually dead, but couldn't tell his brother, and couldn't get him back...that would cause the kind of psycho rage he's bottling up. Of course so would losing his father to save his life, so, umm, yeah, no idea...!)
15 have spoken ♥ :: Speak to me?