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Out of Odoru

Today I finished watching all of Odoru Daisousasen for the second time. The eleven episodes, two specials, and two movies. We saw the second special and the two movies in one sitting, which was all kinds of awesome. ♥

But now it's over. Again. And it's one of those series I just hate that it has to finish. My crazy doujinshi-shopping for it in the last few weeks I was in Japan proves it, and if I were in Japan right now, I'd go out and double my collection on the spot. No fair, ending things that good! (Fortunately, my doujinshi are very, very good, and will keep me amused for quite some time...)

Now I want to see the two spin-offs. The Muroi-movie and the Mashita-movie. It'll break my heart that Aoshima isn't in them, but I want more. Of what Odoru is. And if I can't have the real deal (because Odoru is Aoshima and Muroi and Sumire and Mashita and all the others, and having just one of them with a new team isn't the same thing), something connected to the real deal will have to do! I'm just afraid I'm going to be terribly disappointed.

That's the reason I don't know if I would want an Odoru Movie 3. It would be fantastic to see the cast together again, but at the same time - after Movie 2, there's no real need for a sequel. In Movie 2 they tie up the loose ends, they find closure. The best kind of closure, not with "happily ever after", but with things changing and developing, in the directions the characters have worked for so hard all these years. Movie 2 makes me ridiculously happy. ♥

At the same time - the thought of seeing something more, with that cast... something new. Well. I can't deny it does have an immense appeal, and sends a little shiver of excitment down my spine as I imagine it! Though I think a really good doujinshi could do that to. Has, actually, on several occasions. So I just have to be strong, and resist the temptation that is on-line doujinshi stores... ^^;; That way Odoru can still have the perfect conclusion, at the same time as the characters live on in my mind, and that of all the other creative fans.
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