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Winter has come

Stockholm, November 1:

November snow November first

Yeah. Snowstorm. In November. I'd forgotten how much I never really cared for November in this country... This being the first day of winter, there were huge traffic problems too. Public transport was a mess - busses couldn't get anywhere because of the bad roads, and the trains and subways still have half their cars in for repair after leaves on the track messed up their wheels. Private transport was almost worse, because the roads where in complete chaos. Out in the country, trains further than about an hour and a half north of here stood completely still all night.

It's completely surreal. First the "leaves got on the track" which apparently wrecks the wheels of every other train. Happens every fall, without fail. And then winter happens, and this is reported for days in advance - "big storm coming in, we'll get lots of snow" - and responsable parties everywhere react as if they've never heard the word "winter" before. What, SNOW? Here? Now?! ...sigh. It's the same thing every damn time. I'd laugh if I wasn't so grumpy about it.

I would've posted this sooner too, but apparently winter now means I get our lovely winter vomiting disease. Kind of like a 3-day stomach flu, which is flying around here for November - April, hence the name. If you haven't got it where you are - good for you! You don't want it. It's nasty and disgusting and all around a bad idea... though the hallucinations where kind of interesting. (I suddenly saw connections to everything I had never seen before, I was one with the world, and somehow this involved very complicated cubes. Don't ask, I have no idea.)

I was sick, then I got vargen sick, and now we're both much better, but still kind of wrung out and pathetic, and so sitting around on the couch watching MASH all day. Not a bad way to spend a November day, actually...

We also watched Supernatural, somewhat later than usual.

Okay, so. Am avoiding the fandom, because I'm afraid. Jo in an entire episode? I could hear the screams of rage at the diminished Sam-Dean screen time from a continent away! Personally, I still have issues with the writers. They're trying, but - why bait? Why the screaming? Why... oh well. Like I said. Trying. I can cut them some slack.

As for Jo, I kind of like her. No, really. She's got no experience, but she's smart, she's capable, and she really wants to learn - wants to do a good job, and for a good reason. She's not running around in heels worrying about her hair or anything, and she pulls herself together admirably in an intensly terrifying situation. I also like her attitude much better now - bratty little sister. It works! It's kind of cute, on all parts. Much better than random mooning over Dean.

The most interesting revelation here was the John/Jo's dad failed partnership deal. Thank Kripke they didn't pull the half-sister thing. I'm still vaguely worried they will, at some point, just because they can. But hinting at it something going on with Ellen and John and then having it be this? Much more interesting than an affair!

My thoughts - okay, so John letting Jo's dad (apparently his name's "William") die. Hm. Probably wasn't as simple as that. It could have been, but I doubt it. For one, I don't think John would have let a partner down, but also - it makes for pretty boring storytelling if this is the whole of it! I don't doubt that they went out together, and that only John returned... But something more must have happened. Something else that made it impossible for John to face Ellen (though why were they on seemingly good terms again only months before he died?). Something like - William got taken, or turned, and the only thing John could do was to kill him. A warewolf or demon or some other ghoulie got William in a bad way. He either asked to be killed before it went to far, or John decided for him - possibly after waiting for too long, and letting what used to be William wreak some real damage somewhere.

All very vague, I know, but something like that... John would have wanted to keep it from Ellen and Jo, to protect them. Taking the blame for letting John die might be easier than taking the blame for killing him - or for failing to stop him. (Which would also mean he'd have to explain what he'd needed to stop William from. Not a pleasant way to remember your loved one, I imagine.) This would also leave room for Sam and Dean to explore what really happened, and face the same threat their dad did - maybe they'll even be put in a situation where one of them thinks he'll have to make the same decision. (Mm, I would like that, yes.) Angst could ensue over whether to tell Ellen & Jo the truth, or keep it to themselves, but at least they would know their father wasn't a right and utter bastard who abandoned his best friend. All good things in my book!

...I've seen the preview, and now I want the next episode. Badly!

ETA: Ooh, more Supernatural - today's the day Swedish TV 1 starts airing the series! Couple of random observations from re-re-watching the first ep.

Sam, is that you? So young, such nice hair, and that voice! No, really - Sam's voice is different! I'm guessing it's Jared's acting lessons paying off again. In the pilot, Sam's voice is... It's hard to define, but it's... got less presence? It's more reedy. It's possible I'm just hallucinating again, or it's the sound quality of the ep airing, but whatever it is, it was enough to get my attention. At one point I swear I heard more of his accent too, but that's not a steady thing. No, the voice feels like it's something - now he owns the character; then he was just getting into it.

Or it could be that parts of the dialogue is halting enough that it needs a wheelchair. Poor guys - that exposition... It's painful. But it's still a fun pilot, shows a lot of the promise of the show. ♥

Good translator, too! Quite impressed with their grasp of colloquialisms and slang, and ability to grasp what's really important, and then translate it in a way that still sounds like the characters. Usually the people doing subtitles for TV are overworked and underpaid, and their work suffers from it. So I'm way impressed with the quality of this work. So glad to see the show in good hands! ♥
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