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One Piece manga revelations

Odacchi~~!! Genius! The awesome amazing the PLOT the metaplot, it's moving and changing and then there's all of the rest and waaaaaaaaaaaah why is he so brilliant?!?

erhune, if you're reading this, this is your cue to get your butt in gear and CATCH UP WITH THE MANGA. Because it's kind of. Um. Exploded in a whole new dimension. Again. ^___^

I'm late, I know. But I only just got caught up now, and I don't have anywhere else to squee, and this DEMANDS squee. And analysis, but that'll have to wait until I'm back from work!

A quick, non-spoilery thought - is it just me, or is this time of year kind of like sweeps? Except that this is Shounen Jump, and there's no sweeps season because every issue has the voting cards, but... This time of year, a couple of months before Jump Festa... That seems to be when the plot picks up pace and throws the audience a few of those bones we've been waiting for for so long. At least that's what it feels like after last year and this year. I have no clue at all about the years before that (2004 summer was big on the emotional stuff), and it could be completely random. But. Is it possible?

Shanks! SHANKS! Shanks, Shanks, Shanks! ♥ Shanks and his amazing aura, and he's from West Blue, and was on GOL D ROGER'S ship, not Whitebeard's, and got his scar from Blackbeard and ACE! Ace, Ace, Ace! Ace! ♥ At the wrong place, wrong time - don't hurt Ace. Or Blackbeard. I'm not too sure who's supposed not to hurt whom here, but if Shanks says it's bad, I believe him.


The party last chapter was THE CUTE, and the talk with Robin and Aokiji made me go incoherent, but THIS? With Whitebeard and Shanks and the meeting and Blackbeard and Ace and everything happening at once!!

Damn this having to go to work, I wanna squee and fangirl and discuss and read the chapters in Japanese. Anyone have them raw? Please send! I accidentally downloaded only scanlations, which is good for following what's going on, but not so good for making out details and nuances. Thanks! - Got 'em, thank you! ♥
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