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Time for a change

I'm a lousy LJer. At least with this account. It all comes from having started blogging on two separate locations - one was LJ, the other was a Swedish site. Then I moved from the other site here, but kept posting in Swedish, and it didn't cross my mind to just switch languages combine the two accounts. I was still doing kind of okay with keeping up until Japan happened, and I went six months with no reliable internet connection. I could hardly get on-line for long enough to mail family and friends, and LJ suffered even more neglect. I never did get back on track with my LJing, not even after we got internet, not even after I got back to Sweden.

And that sucks. I like LJ. Every single person on my f'list is there because I felt they were interesting; because I liked reading their entries; because we had something in common. But if I'm not even around to read stuff, much less comment or post anything remotely interesting of my own, all of that is wasted. All those missed opportunities, the fun posts that I glimpse and then forget about until two weeks later, the fascinating discussions, all of it, it's driving me nuts!

Which is why I'm changing it. I'm not quitting LJ - I'm starting over. I'm going to switch my accounts around, so this poor neglected thing becomes an archive, and my much livlier Swedish accounts becomes my main account. I'm going to keep the username of naye, and I'll be moving my old posts to the new joint LJ over time. Of course, I'll be writing in English - that's one of the big limitations for me right now, that so much of what I have the energy to communicate and get involved with can only reach people who speak Swedish. A rather tiny selection, all things considered! I did have some kind of point way back when I started keeping separate language blogs in separate places, but now it just feels stupid.

All of this to say - things are going to look different here soon. The username will be the same, but it'll be filled with a lot of old Swedish posts, and anything from here will end up under the username of ex_naye. I might even have to re-friend people, depending on how the technical aspects of the switch work out, but I'll see about that when it happens.

It's finally time for a change - time to poke some life into this zombie account!
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